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Return-to-Campus Plan: Welding

Fall 2020

Changes in classroom teaching layout

(TWSH-106 and TWSH-128)

  1. One door will be designated “Entrance Only” and another door “Exit Only”.
  2. Chairs shall be removed in designated adjacent classrooms to ensure a minimum separation distance required by the LA County Department of Public Health.
  3. Remove rows of tables in designated adjacent classrooms as required to assure spacing as required by the LA County Department of Public Health.
  4. TWSH-106 and TWSH-128 shall be used only for the purposes of providing teaching demonstrations using the existing virtual reality welding machines.
  5. Install signage throughout the labs that states facial masks required at all times.

Changes in laboratory teaching layout

(TWSH-120, TWSH-122, TWSH-125, and TWSH-126)

  1. One door will be designated “Entrance Only” and another door “Exit Only”.
  2. Install signage at multiple points of interest throughout the lab to remind students and staff to maintain the appropriate distance.
  3. Install direction signs to promote a one-way flow of traffic throughout the lab spaces.
  4. Install signage throughout the labs that states, “facial masks required at all times”.
  5. Place additional water quenching tanks in common areas to minimize students traveling throughout the lab to cool their projects.

Changes in class enrollment size

  1. Class size capacity is limited to 20 students in TWSH-120. Class size capacity is limited to 12 students in TWSH-122. Class size capacity is limited to 12 students in TWSH-125. Class size capacity is limited to 10 students in TWSH-126.

Disinfection requirements

  1. The District shall ensure that all essential infrastructure classrooms and workspaces are disinfected daily using the safest and most effective disinfectant necessary as recommended by federal, state, and/or local health officials. Common areas and frequently touched objects such as doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, phones, keyboards, elevator switches and buttons, touch screens, printers/copiers, grab bars, handrails and bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected multiple times per day and will be informed by the schedule of essential infrastructure programs at the Valencia campus.
  2. During skills practice, it will be the faculty and students’ responsibility to disinfect shared equipment using an alcohol-based disinfectant provided by the District.
  3. Equipment will be assigned to one student until completion of the assignment or the end of the session. Instructors shall assign a designated welding booth to each student (as applicable to welding labs) until completion of the assignment.

Campus arrival

  1. The south gates on the west side of Towsley Hall will be closed and locked during times of instruction in the Towsley Hall labs. A sign will remain in place during regular instruction at the north on the west side of Towsley Hall that reads “No student access”.
  2. All Towsley hall west facing exterior doors (including roll up doors) in the welding and metal fabrication labs will be opened at least 15 minutes prior to the start of a session. All east facing Towsley Hall exterior doors will remain closed and locked until opened by the instructor at the start of the class session.
  3. All east and west facing doors shall remain open during sessions (weather permitted).
  4. Students are not to enter the classroom and lab areas until instructed to do so by the instructor of record.
  5. A designated area for students and faculty to park is designated in lot 13.
  6. Parking will be only in designated spaces.
  7. Per the CDC, carpooling is discouraged.
  8. Students transitioning to a course immediately following a course that has just ended shall be informed they are not permitted to enter the classroom until 10 minutes prior to the start time of the next course. While waiting, students are to also maintain physical distancing as required by the LA County Department of Public Health.

Health screening

  1. Faculty and students shall be required to complete the daily online health self- assessment and submit to a non-contact temperature scan each day prior to instruction. Cleared students will be provided a sticker indicating both steps have been completed. This sticker will be shown to the instructor upon arrival to the classroom.
  2. Health screening for Welding students will be set up in Aliso Hall.
  3. In-person health assessments will be conducted in compliance with LA County Department of Public Health requirements.

Physical distancing techniques

[including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and apparel requirements]

  1. During skills practice/training, alternative methods to physical distancing required by the LA County Department of Public Health as described in Physical Distancing Options, may be used.
  2. All students, staff, and faculty are required to wear a facial face mask in all welding and metal fabrication lab areas.
  3. When in the robotics lab (TWSH-125), student’s workstations are already spaced ~6’ apart and shall be considered proper physical distancing.
  4. When students require hands-on assistance with using a “teach pendant” on one of the robotic cells in TWSH-125, the instructor shall don a fresh pair of nitrile gloves. If nitrile gloves inhibit proper tactile response when using the teach pendant, alcohol disinfection will be required when transferring the teach pad to one another. The District will provide both nitrile gloves and the alcohol-based disinfectant.
  5. During observation of students, physical distancing techniques can be achieved by both student and instructor facing in the same direction (e.g. not looking at each other).


  1. Students will be required to bring their own water bottles.
  2. Refilling of personal bottles on campus will not be permitted.
  3. Breaks will be scheduled by the instructor of record.
  4. Coordination of breaks between Welding, EMT, and Land Surveying shall be scheduled to minimize overlap and crowding in common ingress/regress areas.
  5. Students will be limited to one person at a time in restrooms.
  6. Students will be instructed to maintain physical distancing required by the LA County Department of Public Health at all times.

Teaching restrictions

  1. All lecture type activities will be conducted via distance education modality. This does not apply to any program with hands-on demonstrations.
  2. Instructors are encouraged to utilize existing program virtual reality trainers to conduct hands-on demonstrations in the adjacent classrooms (TWSH 106, TWSH- and TWSH 128) and the robotic welding lab (TWSH-125).
  3. During virtual reality and hands-on demonstrations, all students shall maintain physical distancing and wear facial masks.
  4. Instructors will sanitize virtual reality welding machines after each use. This includes all optical headgear, torch guns, welding stand, plastic weld replicas and touchscreens.
  5. When close contact is required with students or physical distancing in not possible, the instructor shall wear an industrial grade clear shield provided by the District.
  6. Students shall not be allowed to use the existing lockers in the Towsley Hall Building.