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Transfer Applicants

Students may apply to the RN program by transfer or challenge (accepted February 1 - 28 only).

Students are not allowed to transfer into the first semester; students must enter first semester as a generic student. Students are only eligible to be considered for transfer if they have been in a nursing program within 12 months of the day their application is accepted and are clinically safe and are eligible to re-enter their previous program. Students who have been out of a nursing program for more than 12 months must apply as beginning student.

Selected applicants must attend a mandatory orientation and complete Nursing 109, Transitions into Nursing. Upon completion of Nursing 109, the student will be placed on a waiting list until an opening in the appropriate course becomes available.

For more information on the transfer process or to apply for transfer, please refer to the RN Program Brochure

Nursing student in lab.