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School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

In the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, you will focus on programs of study that prepare you for certificates, degrees, transfer, and careers in fields related to the understanding of culture and humanity.

Do these characteristics describe you?

  • I enjoy helping people learn, grow, or heal.
  • I like to teach, counsel, train, etc.
  • I am interested in understanding the world we live in.
  • I enjoy learning about different cultures.
  • I am interested in learning about human habits, actions, and intentions.
  • I like identifying ways to help people with illnesses or emotional challenges.


Explore Careers




Anthropology AA-T (CSU) (IGETC)
Communication Studies AA
Communication Studies AA-T (CSU) (IGETC)
Early Childhood Education AS-T (CSU) (IGETC)
Elementary Teacher Education AA-T (CSU) (IGETC)
Global Studies AA-T (CSU) (IGETC)
History AA
History AA-T (CSU) (IGETC)
Liberal Arts and Sciences – Social Science (CSU) (IGETC-CSU) (IGETC-UC)
Political Science AA-T (CSU) (IGETC)
Psychology AA
Psychology AA-T (CSU) (IGETC)
Social Justice AA-T (CSU) (IGETC)
Social Science AA
Sociology AA
Sociology AA-T (CSU) (IGETC)