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College of the Canyons Student Email

If you have not attended classes at College of the Canyons in the last two years, your email account will be deactivated. Additionally, new students who apply to attend College of the Canyons will receive an email account that is restricted to sending/receiving email from anyone other than the College and our partners, until you register and attend classes.


What is COC student email?

College of the Canyons student email is a free email service hosted by Microsoft Office 365 for Education. Important information from College of the Canyons will be directed to this email account. This includes all financial aid and registration communications, wait list notifications, class schedule or room changes, instructor emails and emergency information from the college.

What happens to my email account when I graduate?

After graduation from COC you will still be provided access to Email for up to 2 years. After 2 years, your Microsoft account will be disabled and all emails and documents will be deleted, please make sure you backup your important information. Your CanyonsID will continue to work for logging in to register or request Alumni services such as transcripts.

What other resources are available? 

Student actively taking classes at College of the Canyons will receive access to Office365 Online and installable versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access on up to 5 PCs or Macs and Office apps on other mobile devices including Android, iPad, and Windows tablets. You are also provided with 1TB of OneDrive storage, managed by the school, and students can edit and collaborate using Office Online.

To Download Office 365, go to, sign in with your MyCanyons email address and password, click on "Install Office", and then select your options.

Who will get student email?

All students will receive a student email account upon application to the College. Please note, student email accounts will be restricted to sending emails to and from College employees/departments and entities supporting the College, until students register for their first class. 

What about my other Microsoft service accounts (i.e. Hotmail, MSN, Live,

There will be a conflict between your Microsoft services and MyCanyons email since both are hosted by Microsoft. To resolve the conflict, users will have to use two different browsers (not two different sessions/tabs/windows of the same browser): one for Microsoft services, and the other for MyCanyons email. Alternatively, if you completely log out of one account, you can log in with the other account using the same browser.

What Browsers are Supported?

You can find the list of supported browsers for Office 365 here: Software requirements for Office 365.

Can I use my smart phone to check my email?

Yes, you can check your email from your smartphone. For more information, go to: Compare how different mobile devices work with Office 365

How much email storage space is provided?

50 GB is provided for email; in addition, you'll also get 1 TB of online cloud-based storage from OneDrive.

What type of support does Office 365 for Education offer for end users?

Microsoft offers online self-help resources for all Office 365 for Education services: Office 365 for Education Help

Common Troubleshooting Tips & Quick Links:

How do I reset my student email password?

If you need to reset your MyCanyons student email account password, please see the Canyons ID Information page: Canyons ID Login for Students


MyCanyons Student Email Support
Location: Canyons Hall Valencia Campus
Phone: (661) 362 3398
Email :