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Please see the Early College Program Website for more information on the types of high school programs available at College of the Canyons.


General Information for High School Students:

  • Students enrolling in the College Now! program must be in 11th or 12th grade as of the fall semester of high school. Per Board Policy, students in grade K-10 may be admitted if identified at the "genius level" through the WISC (Wechsler Inteligence Scale for Children) test. A student identified as a genius would be a student in K-10 who has a score of 150 or higher on the most current version of the WISC exam.  Those students meeting this criteria should contact the Admissions & Records office for more information. 
  • High school transcripts:
    • High school transcripts are needed for students enrolling in a higher level language course (Ex: Spanish or Sign Language) and took the first levels of the language at their high school; please submit your high school transcript at the Admissions & Records office at either campus.
    • College of the Canyons Admissions & Records Office will confirm all students' transcripts arrive from a high school with a CEEB code, as well as the high school seal and/or signature. If a transcript is from a high school that lacks a CEEB code or seal/signature, the Admissions & Records Office will investigate to confirm the school is recognized by the state department of education or home school association. The Admissions & Records Office may request a copy of the student's official transcripts at any point in the admission process or financial aid verification process.
  • Courses in English and Math, or courses with an English or Math prerequisite, will require English and/or Math assessment prior to enrolling.  Please check with the Assessment Center for more information.
  • Reminder:  College Now! students must submit a new application, College Now! form, and authorization to consent to medical treatment form for each semester they plan to attend. Submit all documentation to A&R as soon as possible in order to ensure your eligibility to use the online registration system beginning on or after the high school registration period.
  • Enrollment Fees are waived for high school students in the College Now! program. However, payment for all other college fees are due at the time of registration. If you do not pay your fees, you will be dropped from your class(es). 
  • You are responsible for dropping your classes even if you no longer plan to attend. If you do not attend the first day of class, you will be dropped by the instructor and your seat may be given to another student. Be sure to follow through with deadlines and policies accessible in the college catalog. Please check the Student Business Office for more information on fees.