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Adult Reentry Alliance

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Welcome Adult Reentry Students

"There is no such thing as "too late" in life."  - Mitch Albom


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End of the Semester Celebration Drive Thru: Wednesday, May 18, 2-4 pm


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May Support Workshops

The Student Health and Wellness Center is holding a variety of support workshops everyday in the month of May!


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We are offering several sections of Counseling 100 created for the Adult Reentry student population. Please consider taking one of these classes, you won't regret you did as it will help prepare you for college success. We look forward to having you join us.  


This course introduces reentry students to the study of the educational, psychological, intellectual, social and health-related factors that impact lifelong learning, well-being, and success. Topics include: Motivation, self-discovery, creative & critical thinking, health/stress management, self- efficacy, study strategies, communication, campus resources, goal setting, educational planning, and career exploration. This 3 unit course meets the CSU GE Area E requirement.

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**Short Term Class** COUNS-100-61337 05/02/2022-06/02/2022 Professor G. Martinez



COUNS-100-61977 06/06/2022-07/09/2022 Professor P. Garcia


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