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Frequently Asked Questions


What is an alliance?

Alliances are not clubs, they are affinity groups where students learn to navigate college, connect with faculty and staff members, meet counselors, and other resource specialists in a safe supportive environment. To find out about the Alliances on campus, please visit this website:


What is the Adult Reentry Alliance?

The Adult Reentry Alliance is a program that focuses on supporting the success of adult learners. This alliance will host a variety of events during a semester that relates to the needs of this student population. Please fill out the Student Interest Survey to receive more information and be invited to upcoming events.

How can the Adult Reentry Alliance help me?

The Adult Reentry Alliance is the only program on campus that specializes in addressing the needs and concerns of adult students who are making the transition back to school or starting for the first time. By taking advantage of our services, coming back to school will be less stressful and your chances for successful completion of your educational goals will increase greatly. You will have an opportunity to particpate in the events planned for adult learners and have an opportunity to meet individually with a Counselor.  

What services are available to adult reentry students?

Reentry students have the same services available to every students, but in addition we offer specialized opportunities to help reentry student thrive in college. Our services include information sessions, counseling sessions, referrals to other campus and community resources, and free workshops on various topics.

How do I apply to COC as a new student?

If you have never attended COC before, please click below to get started with the matriculation steps. 

Get Started

Do I have to take the Math and English assessment?

Yes, if you are new to college or have been absence for several years, please visit the assessment office and take the Math and English assessment questionnaire online.


I'm nervous about attending college. How can you help me overcome my concerns?

You're not alone. Many people encounter barriers when attempting to further their education, such as:

  • Math Anxiety
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Fear of Public Speaking
  • Being overwhelmed by the campus environment
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear that you don't have the commitment
  • The assumption that most students are under 25
  • Lack of financial means
  • The cost of textbooks
  • Lack of time
  • Insufficient or costly childcare
  • Been out of school for a long time.

However, it's our experience that most adult reentry students do very well in their classes because they tend to be focused on their educational goals, and they are more disciplined and mature. For help in overcoming the concerns above we encourage students to enroll in the Counseling 100 class to help get you started with the necessary tools needed to be a successful student.

In addition, one of the best ways to ease your anxiety is to talk to a Counselor who will be able to answer many of your questions and help you work through your concerns. If necessary, we will make a referral to the Health and Welness Center.

Will I be the only student in my classes who is older? Will most of the students be in their twenties?

According to the College of the Canyons Fact Book, 27% percent of our students are 25-44 and 27% are 45 and older.

You will find a wide variety of age groups represented in your classes. Based on what students have shared with me, they feel more comfortable than they first imagined.  Younger students take well to having older students and view them as role models based on their life experience.

I have severe math anxiety. How can I ever satisfy my math requirement for graduation? What kind of help is available for students who struggle with math?

It is quite normal to have anxiety about taking a Math course as most Reentry students haven't taken a Math class since high school. The first thing you are going to do is to take the Math assessment. This assessment is a set of questions to determine what Math level is appropriate for you. Many Math classes come with support classes to help you success and obtain additional support. In addition, COC has the TLC, The Learning Center that offers a wide range of tutors for all Math courses for free. You can visit the TLC website for further information on how to sign up for tutoring. In addition, we encourage you to reach out to your professor for further assistance and suggest you create a study group with fellow students in your class.

Why do I need to see a counselor?

Meeting with a counselor is not a requirement, but it is a service that you should take advantage of, especially because you have been out of school for a while.  We have counselor available to meet with you in a 60 minute appointment.  A counselor can help you define your goals and set up an educational plan. Counselors offer academic, career and life skills counseling. Our counselors provide semester-by-semester assistance in your class selections and help with career exploration. The counselors are particularly sensitive to the problems encountered by the adult student and work closely with adult students in an encouraging and supportive way. They have a wealth of information and experience to draw from to help you with any barrier you may encounter while pursuing your education here at COC. 

How do I make a Counseling Appointment 

To make an appointment with a counselor, please make an appointment below and follow the instructions. Please do not get discouraged if you cannot find an appointment right away. We book appointments two weeks into the calendar, so please be persistent. If you are really struggling to get an appointment, please email the counseling office.

Make Appointment

I have taken many college classes previously, how do I know they will still count?

It is common for adult students to have completed many college courses prior to coming back to school. The majority of the classes taken here or at another accredited college will most likely count towards your present educational goals. You are required to submit official transcripts to COC as soon as possible before making an appointment with a counselor. A counselor will formally do an evaluation of all academic work so you can begin to receive college credit towards your current educational goal and increase your transferrable grade point average. There are some major courses that do expire, but general education courses do not expire even if you took them 20 years ago. This is why an appointment is required.  

What are Zero Textbooks Cost?

Zero Textbook Cost textbooks (ZTC) are digital textbooks available for free to students.

Many instructors at College of the Canyons have chosen to use these textbooks in their classrooms to cut educational costs for students. Classes that use ZTC textbooks are listed in the class schedule. 

How can I find out what major or course of study would be best for my interests and future employment?

You have a couple of options. You can meet with a counselor to explore you options. A counselor will give you online assessment instructions for you to take the assessments that include assessing your personality, interests, abilities and values. These assessments are free of charge and a counselor can help you intrepret the results. A second option or in addition to is by taking a Counseling class that will provide information on exploring majors and careers. We highly recommend for an adult reentry student to take the Counseling 100 class. An additional class that focuses on career exploration is Counseling 110: Life and Career Planning.  

How can I meet and network with other students who have returned to school?

We recommend that you begin by registering for the Counseling 100 class which is offered every semester Online.  You can make connections with other students in the class. We also encourage you to join a club or consider joining the volunteer program. 

There are also Alliances, which are not clubs, but are affinity groups where student can:

  • learn to navigate college
  • connect with faculty and staff mentors
  • meet with counselors/financial aid advisors and other resource specialists
  • discuss issues in a safe and brave space
  • social media: #COCAlliances 

To find out more information, please visit the website: 

COC Alliances

How do I find out about financial aid for school? What types are available?

Please visit the Financial Aid Website for detailed information about financial aid and the the various types of aid they offer.  

Financial Aid

Is childcare available while I attend day or evening classes?
The college offers childcare services for infants, toddlers, preschool, and school-age children. You will find more information on the Childcare Center website.

Childcare Center

What is the University Center?

College of the Canyons partners up with a vareity of Universities where a student can earn a Bachelor's, and a Master's degree at the University Center located up the hill from the main COC campus. This means you take all of your classes locally and you do not have to drive up to the main campus. Admission to any of the University Center programs is handled through the respective universities and you need to apply directly. Credential or degree programs have specific prerequisites and requirements, so please check each program and contact the respective representative through the University Center. For more information, please visit their website or submit a request and someone will contact you.

University Center