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Summit International Club

The purpose of the Summit International Club is to try to bring students, primarily international students, into the club and help them incorporate American culture. This is mostly done by going on various trips and excursions in the Southern California area.

COC The Summit International

Association of Students United for the Language

The purpose of A.S.U.L. is to reach out to students to create an impact on a cross-cultural level within the community. The student association intends to affect positive change in the social, educational, and cultural aspects in the community connected to COC, and cultivate an appreciation of the Hispanic American mosaic while building long lasting connections. By creating opportunities for its members, the club encourages students to reconnect with language and cultural diversity of the Spanish-speaking societies, and global social responsibilities.

Association of Students United for the Language ASUL


For more information, contact the Modern Languages Department Chair:

Dr. Claudia Acosta, Email: