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FT-103 - Fire Protection Systems - Randall C Osborne

Course:Fire Protection Systems
Professor:Randall C Osborne
  • OnlineLive
Course Length:
  • 16 Week


Mr Osborne in L. A. CO. Fire niform

My name is Randall Osborne (L.A. Co. F. D. retired) and I am your instructor for this course. I have a video introduction inside the course, but just a few facts about myself: I started with L. A. County in 1986 and worked as wildland firefighter, truckee, paramedic and patrolman while at the firefighter rank. I promoted to engineer and drove a truck, then was on the hazmat team and later again served as an engineer on a wildland crew, then I closed my career as a fire inspector. I have been teaching for over 10 years at College of the Canyons and Oxnard College and now Mt. SAC as well. 

Course Description

Course Description:

Introduces the basic principles and history related to the national firefighter life safety initiatives, focusing on the need for cultural and behavior change throughout emergency services.

Student Learning Objectives:

Explain the importance of reporting and investigating all near-misses, injuries and fatalities and how to incorporate the lessons learned to affect cultural change throughout emergency services.

What to Expect in this Course

Every week we will discuss a new chapter from the textbook. There will be both recorded videos and Zoom meetings for discussing the material. Every week there is a short quiz and usually a discussion or short assignment like a 6 slide PowerPoint presentation on that week's subject matter.

1. It is essential that you log in before or on the first day of the course to orient yourself to the course and see the initial assignments for our first week. You must attend the first Zoom to show attendance on the first day. Those who fail to show up are subject to being dropped.

2. On the first day we will go through the class and clarify how the class works. I will run through the syllabus and welcome letter. However, you should also read through the syllabus and I recommend printing the schedule portion of the syllabus, so you can use it to keep up to date. We will cover approximately a chapter every week, though there are a few subjects that will take longer or be even shorter. Taking this class online will require the students to schedule themselves and be involved in the various discussion groups, assignments and reports associated with the course. Taking an online course, will often require a greater commitment to discipline and scheduling, then taking a face-to-face course. For every unit, students can expect to spend approximately 1-3 hours completing course activities.  Therefore, for a full online 3-unit course, students should expect to commit 3-6 hours per chapter completing course-related activities. Please check your course regularly and pay attention to the calendar to make sure you are able to keep up with the pace of this course.

Types of Assessments

This class will chapter quizzes, Pop-quizzes, PowerPoint Projects and a Final Project.

Textbook Information

You need to purchase or rent your textbook A.S.A.P. The school bookstore through Barnes and Noble will have it or you can buy it from Amazon!

Title: “Fire Fighter Safety and Survival,” Second Edition

Author: Don Zimmerman Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning ISBN #: 978-1284036411

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Description automatically generatedIt is essential that you have a copy of the textbook. Most of the questions in the quizzes will be taken directly from the book.

Other Relevant Course Information

This class is a Live Zoom Online course.  We will meet at the specified time of 6PM Monday nights. Please be on time so we can end on time! As Online-Live class, there are required Zoom meetings, meaning that you will not have to come to campus for any portion of this class (there will be Zoom meetings at the specified time). Canvas is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere with Internet access.


To successfully complete this course, you MUST have Internet access, access to a computer, a web browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and a valid College of the Canyons (COC) email address. Video clips, electronic documents, and various Internet websites will be utilized as part of this course. Please make sure you have all necessary software (Adobe Flash Player, Acrobat Reader, and a word processing program like Microsoft Word) loaded on your computer. Make sure they are up to date. There is a page linked to our home page with details about how to make sure your computer is ready for this course and how to get Microsoft Office or Office Mac for free. Yes, I said free, free, free!


Our online course is accessed electronically through “Canvas.” Canvas is the electronic learning platform used for all announcements, lessons, handouts, discussions, assignment submittals, and exams. By logging into Canvas, you are essentially walking into our “electronic classroom.” Canvas, and how to information is available through your Internet browser at 24 hours a day, 7 days a week beginning at 12:01 am on Monday Aug. 24.

Help on Canvas:

If you are not sure how to use a specific function in Canvas click on the help link in the column on the far left of Canvas and it will lead you to videos and other helpful guides for students. There are guides for both computers and mobile devices. You can also YouTube it. Here is a link to the guides:

Canvas Guides

Computer Requirements:

The school has a fantastic website with abundant resources and answers to questions you may have regarding taking an online course. Please go to this student support page and browse some of the information there to help you have success in this class. Student Support

Here are some essentials to have a better experience online:

Have regular access to a computer with Internet connection. For specific computer requirements, visit the Distance Education support site.  Note, should you lose access to your personal computer or internet connection, you are still required to complete your online course work. COC has many computer labs and free Wi-Fi on campus for students. There is also a limited amount of laptop computers that you can borrow. This was a program last Spring and so I am not sure if there will be changes, but you can go to this page in Student Services to check it out. One of the most common problems students have is compatibility issues and it usually has to do with not updating your computer to the most recent browser versions.

Here is a list of supported browsers:





Avoid using Internet Explorer (Canvas does not like it)

Make sure with any of these browsers that they are up to date. Usually you can click on the name of the app when it is open and click on about…then there is usually a check for updates tab. Sometimes this is in the same drop-down menu from clicking on the name of the app.

Known Browser Behaviors

Chrome and Firefox use HTML5 to display website content, promoting a faster, more secure browsing experience.

For best performance in Canvas, course content should be designed to support HTML5. Any affected content in Safari browsers can still be accessed by manually allowing permission for flash content in the browser.

In browsers such as Safari, insecure content will never be displayed in the browser. 

Free Stuff and Additional Requirements;

you will need to:

  1. Have a word-processing program compatible with Microsoft Word (2003 or later) installed on your computer (the Microsoft Office software suite can be downloaded here for free for students). Please note that Microsoft Works is not compatible. However, other programs such as  and Apple's Pages can also create documents in the Word format. You need to export it from the Drop-Down menu. FILE-Export then select Word .doc format. Since it is free for you as a student to get Office for MAC or Microsoft Office why not just download that and enjoy having the best productivity suite on your computer. The PowerPoint and Word docs programs are the best. Did I mention it is free, free, free!
  2. If you download the Office Suite for Mac or PC via the free program you need to make sure when you save any document or PowerPoint to your own computer! It defaults to COC’s One Drive (Cloud) and then it will not upload. When saving just be sure to click on your desktop or documents folder to save it to.
  3. Be able to perform a variety of tasks on a computer, such as open a browser, navigate the Internet, use a search engine, create a document and attach it to an email, and send and receive email. If you do not have experience with these activities, it is recommended that you take an Introduction to computers, or an equivalent class before enrolling in an online course.
  4. Have good reading skills. Much of the course work will be presented in writing and you will have to read and understand the content.
  5. Have good time management skills.  Online and hybrid courses meet for the same amount of time as courses taught on campus.  For example, if you are taking a 3-unit English 101 online, you will need to designate approximately three hours each week to work in the online class, plus you will also need to designate time for the required homework which occurs outside of class time. 

Students who have taken face-to-face classes that include online components should find the transition to a fully online class easier. But if you are enthusiastic about computers and want to learn important skills that will be of great use in your future career, both academically and in the workplace, an online class can be a fun and convenient way to enhance or complete your community college education.

Canvas on Mobile Devices

The Canvas interface was optimized for desktop displays, so using small form factors such as phones may not be a pleasant experience in using Canvas. Canvas recommends using their mobile app if accessing Canvas on a phone, from their website, “For the best user experience, please download the Canvas mobile applications.” However, I have found that students have issues with uploads and downloads and sometimes with quizzes when using the mobile app. It is best to access Canvas using a computer! If you must use a phone, access your class through a browser instead of the app.

Since Canvas uses small elements of Flash, not all Canvas features may be supported on mobile devices, especially on iOS. However, Canvas offers limited support for native mobile browsers on tablet devices. For additional details, please reference the limited-support mobile browser guidelines

Mobile Browsers

Visit the Apple store or the Play store to download mobile browsers. The following major browsers are compatible with mobile devices:


  • Safari (default browser with limited Canvas support)
  • Chrome
  • Photon Flash Player (supports Flash)


  • Chrome (default browser with limited Canvas support)
  • Firefox

*Android default browser varies per mobile device.


Additional Resources


The course can be accessed via Canvas at MyCanyons on the first day of the course. Follow the login instructions at the bottom of the screen to log in. Here, you can also access Canvas user guides with helpful tips for navigating and using Canvas. For any Canvas related issues please call the Canvas Student Support line at 877-889-9052 for 24/7 support.

Online Education

Check out the Online Education website for more information on a variety of topics that can help you be a successful online student such as: exam proctoring, learning styles, computer skills, and tips for student success. If this is your first online course, feel free to take our online learning readiness assessment to assess your skills.

Additional Resources


This course can be accessed on the first day of class via Canvas at Log into Canvas using your CanyonsID single sign-on:

  • CanyonsID Username is your COC student email address (Ex:
  • CanyonsID Password is your COC student email password

Please visit the Get to Know Your Online Classroom page for help logging into Canvas and for tips on using Canvas and Zoom. Canvas Chat Support is also available 24/7 for any Canvas related issues.

Online Education

Check out the Online Education website for more information on a variety of topics that can help you be a successful online student such as: exam proctoring, learning styles, computer skills, and tips for student success. If this is your first online course, feel free to take our online learning readiness assessment to assess your skills.

The Learning Center (TLC)

The TLC provides FREE online tutoring resources to COC students!

Academic Accommodation Center (AAC)

College of the Canyons AAC provides educational services and access for eligible students with documented disabilities who intend to pursue coursework at COC. A variety of programs and services are available which afford eligible students with disabilities the opportunity to participate fully in all aspects of the college programs and activities through appropriate and reasonable accommodations. For more information on their services visit the Academic Accomodation Center website.

Online Counseling

The Counseling Department offers appointments online. You can schedule an appointment by visiting the Online Counseling website. Counselors can help you map out a plan to reach your educational goals as well as advise you on course selection and registration.

Management of Stress and Mental Health

Often the pressure on our students is very strong, involving academic commitments, relationships, outside jobs and family pressure to name a few. The staff and faculty of College of the Canyons are here to see you succeed academically and care about your emotional and physical health. You can learn more about the broad range of confidential student services, including counseling and mental health services available on campus by visiting the Student Health & Wellness Center in the Student Services Building (across from the bookstore). The phone number is 661-362-3259 that you can call 24/7. You can also e mail for an appointment at At the Canyon Country Campus the Health Center will be in the new Student Services Building.

Also, the National Suicide & Crisis Lifeline number is now 988. All students at COC are encouraged to enter that phone number in their cells. You can call it when you, or someone you know, is having thoughts of suicide or is in severe distress.

You can also now use the Crisis Text Line: Just text "Courage" to 741741. Someone will get back to you immediately. Its free, 24/7, and confidential.

Veterans Resource Center

The College of the Canyons Veterans Resource Center is a department within the Student Services Division at the college, created to help veterans and veteran dependents with applying to College of the Canyons, enrolling in classes, and requesting VA Education or Vocational Benefits. For more information please visit the Veterans Resource Center website, email or phone (661) 362-3469.


The Library provides live online and in-person research help, access to a full range of e-resources and physical materials that support the curriculum, individual and group study areas, and much more!

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