College of the Canyons Classified Senate




Who are We?


Members of the classified staff, with the support of the College’s local Chapter of CSEA, the College’s administration, and Board of Trustees, addressed the need to update the former Classified Coordinating Council and bring it more in line with the objectives of the California Community College Classified Senates. The College of the Canyons Classified Senate was formed to facilitate communication among the local Classified Senate membership and the College administration, faculty, and Board of Trustees. The Classified Senate participates in the development and formulation of policy and practices as they relate to activities and functions of the Classified Senate. In addition, the Classified Senate makes recommendations to the administration and reports to the Board of Trustees on all matters pertinent to the Senate’s purpose. The Classified Senate: 

  • Participates in collegial consultation:
  • Provides a body of representation that addresses the needs, interests and viewpoints of the classified staff;
  • Promotes the involvement of classified staff in the development and formation of policies and practices related to institutional planning;
  • Enhances communication among classified staff in a nonpolitical setting;
  • Brings about communication among classified staff, administration and faculty;
  • Facilitates classified staff recognition;
  • Provides opportunities for classified staff involvement in ongoing activities;
  • Recommends interested classified staff for inclusion in planning and operational teams at the college;
  • Recommends to CSEA classified staff to collegial consultation teams and provides a platform to report-out on committee work;
  • Promotes and works directly to facilitate staff-development opportunities; and
  • Develops and encourages a spirit of unity among classified staff and between classified staff and the entire college community.

The Concept of Shared Governance

Rights & Responsibilities

What is shared governance?

Specifically, Education Code Section 70901(b) required the Board of Governors to adopt regulations setting minimum standards governing procedures established by governing boards in community college districts to ensure faculty, staff, and students the right to participate effectively in district and college governance, and the opportunity to express their opinions at the campus level and to ensure that their opinions are given every reasonable consideration...."shared governance, then, is a complex web of consultation and decision-making and responsibility that translates goals into district policy and action."

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Statewide California Community College Classified Senate

The statewide California Community College Classified Senate is a 4CS non-profit organization, formed by the California Community College's classified staff to serve as the statewide classified senate. 4CS supports the leadership roles of classified staff in the governance of the California Community College System through the development and support of local senate, advocating increased involvement at the state level, and promoting leadership skills among classified staff.

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