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Online Appointments

Make an online appointment to explore your career path or create an educational plan.

  • Students currently enrolled at COC may schedule a counseling appointment up to two weeks in advance. 
  • You must have a COC student ID number to schedule a Counseling appointment.
  • Due to high volume, appointment availability is reduced during registration periods. 
  • If you are unable to schedule an appointment, please visit us in Express Drop-In Counseling.

We now have in-person appointments at our Canyon Country campus!  To select this appointment option, please click on the sign-up button below: 

CCC In-Person


For all other online appointments, please select an option from the menu on the right.



    Zoom Appointment Instructions


    Step-by-step instructions on how to attend a Zoom online counseling appointment.


    • Schedule an appointment by selection the "Online Counseling" button to the right.
    • If you are interested in career assessment and exploration, select the "Career Online Counseling" button.
    • If you are a Nursing or MLT student - please select the "Nursing/MLT Onlie Counseling" button. 
    • If you are a Veteran, please select the "Veteran Online Counseling" button.
    • If you are an LAPD officer, please select the "LAPD" button.



    • Prior to your appointment, you will be sent a link via your MyCanyons email.  This is how you will access the online meeting.
    • If you are unable to access your MyCanyons email, please follow the guide "How do I resent my student email password?" or "How do I setup my student email account?" located here:



    • Click on the Zoom meeting link in your MyCanyons email.
    • A screen should prompt you to download the Zoom application or "start from your browser."
    • After selecting either option, you will be asked to insert the meeting passworkd (your ID number) and a username of your choice (please use your preferred name).
    • You will then be placed in a waiting room and asked to confirm permissions for your browser, or the zoom application, to use your microphone and video camera.
    • Note:  you can access Zoom using a mobile device, but may be required to download the application through your device's application store.



    • Please find a quiet and safe place to discuss your academic information.
    • Remember - do not use Zoom while operating a motor vehicle!
    • If you experience any technical difficulties during the meeting, your Counselor will contact you again via email or phone.