College NOW!

College NOW! is a special admissions program that allows high school juniors and seniors to take college level classes while benefitting from having enrollment fees waived.

Grades K-10

Students in grades K-10 may be admitted if identified at the "genius level" through the WISC (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children) test. A student identified as a genius would be a student in K-10 who has a score of 150 or higher on the most current version of the WISC test. Those students meeting this criteria should contact the Admissions & Records office for more information.

Grades 11-12

Eleventh and 12th grade high school students who wish to take College of the Canyons classes must complete the steps below. College Now! students attending part-time may not enroll in more than 11.0 units per term and are exempt from paying unit enrollment fees. All other term fees, including non-resident tuition fees, must be paid at the time of registration. College Now! students who want to attend College of the Canyons full-time must be released from high school to do so. This means the student will be attending College of the Canyons full-time and not attending high school for the entire term. If a high school student is approved by their high school to attend full time, the student must pay the enrollment fee for all units.

College NOW! Student Checklist

College NOW! Student Checklist

Step 1 - Complete Online Application

  • Complete an application for each semester you plan to attend.
    • You will receive an email within one business day with your COC ID number.
  • Create a My Canyons student account using your COC ID number.
    • You will receive a My Canyons username and password and COC email.

Step 2 - Complete Online Orientation

  • Complete the one-time Online Orientation accessed through your My Canyons account.

Step 3 - Submit a College NOW! Form (click here for the Summer College NOW! Form)

  • Submit a College NOW! Form for the semester you plan to attend to Admissions & Records Office on the Valencia or Canyon Country campus before high school registration date.
    • Your high school counselor will recommend and approve the degree-applicable COC course you plan to enroll in. 

Step 4 - Register & Pay Fees

  • Register online through your My Canyons account or in person at the Admissions & Records office at the Valencia or Canyon Country campuses.
  • You can find your registration date and time in your My Canyons account.
  • Enrollment Fees are waived for high school students ($46/unit).  However, payment for all other college fees are due at the time of registration.  If you do not pay your fees, you will be dropped from your class(es).  You are responsible for dropping your classes even if you no longer plan to attend. If you do not attend the first day of class, you will be dropped by the instructor and your seat may be given to another student.  Be sure to follow through with deadlines and policies accessible in the college catalog.  P lease check the Student Business Office for more information on fees.

Helpful Tips:

  • Planning on enrolling in a higher level language course?  (Ex: Spanish or Sign Language) - Make sure to submit high school transcripts if you have taken the first levels of the language at your high school.
  • Planning on enrolling in an English or Math Course?  Assessment in English or Math are needed if you plan or enrolling in an English or Math course, or if a course has an English or Math prerequisite such as Economics 201.  Visit the Assessment Center for additional information.

Spring 2020 - College NOW!
Courses offered at Hart District High Schools
Classes in session: 2/10-5/21/2020

Section Course ID Title Units Days Start Time End Time Location
44780 ADMJUS-110 Principles and Procedures  TTH 06:00PM 07:50PM  Saugus
44782 ADMJUS-155 Criminal Investigation  MW 06:00PM  08:00PM  Valencia 
47610 AUTTECH-140 Auto Suspen & Steering Systems 3 TTH 04:00PM 05:05PM Canyon
47610 AUTTECH-140 Auto Suspen & Steering Systems


TTH 05:15PM 07:05PM Canyon
44501 BUS-100 Introduction to Business MW  04:00PM  06:00PM  Saugus
44547 CINEMA-120 Film Aesthetics 04:00PM 07:30PM  Canyon 
44549 CINEMA-120 Film Aesthetics 04:00PM  07:35PM  Saugus 
45359 COMS-105 Fund. of Public Speaking MW  04:00PM  06:00PM  Hart 
45362 COMS-105 Fund. of Public Speaking TTH  04:00PM  05:50PM  Saugus 
45364 COMS-105 Fund. of Public Speaking TTH  04:00PM  05:50PM  Valencia 
47603 COMS-105 Fund. of Public Speaking 3 TTH 04:00PM 06:00PM West Ranch
45054 COUNS-110 Career-Life Planning TTH  03:30PM  05:20PM  Bowman
45056 COUNS-110 Career-Life Planning MW  03:30PM 05:30PM  Canyon 
45055 COUNS-110 Career-Life Planning TTH 03:30PM 05:20PM  Golden Valley
45059 COUNS-150 Student Success MW  03:30PM 05:30PM  Valencia
45422 ECE-102 Child, Family, and Community MW 05:00PM 07:00PM  West Ranch
44543 GEOL-103 Dinosaurs  MW  04:00PM 06:00PM  Saugus 
44546 GEOL-105 Geology of California TTH  04:00PM 05:50PM  West Ranch 
45047 HLHSCI-249 Medical Terminology M 03:30PM 07:20PM  Golden Valley 
45049 HLHSCI-249 Medical Terminology 3 MW 04:00PM 06:00PM Hart High
44880 HUMAN-100 Intro to Studies in Humanities TTH  04:00PM 06:00PM  West Ranch
45051 MEA-100 Mass Media and Society MW  04:00PM 06:00PM  Saugus 
47602 MEA-101 TV and Film Media Aesthetics 3 T 03:30PM 5:30PM West Ranch
41463 PHOTO-140 History of Photography MW  04:00PM 6:00PM  Hart
44311 PSYCH-101 Intro to Psychology TTH 04:00PM  05:50PM  Saugus 
45001 REC-100 Leisure for Life 3 TTH  05:00PM  06:50PM  Canyon
44496 SIGN-101 American Sign Language I MW  05:30PM  07:50PM  Canyon 
44492 SIGN-101 American Sign Language I 4 MW  03:30PM  05:50PM  Saugus 
44490 SIGN-102 American Sign Language II MW  06:00PM  08:20PM  Saugus 
47774 SOCI-101 Intro to Sociology 3 MW 03:30PM 05:30PM Golden Valley
41609 SOCI-101 Intro to Sociology TTH  04:00PM  05:50PM Hart

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College NOW! Handbook

For more information about the College NOw! Program, call 661-362-5891 or email