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Hispanic Heritage Cultural Festival

Spring 2023

Music Recital By Vento Sur
May 8 at 6pm
Hasley Hall 101

The recital will feature Vento Sur performing music that received multicultural influences and became part of Latin American cultural identities. The music genres expose the African and indigenous influences and the role they play in the celebration of culture. Participants will be exposed to Tango, Cha-cha, Andean folk, and Afro-Colombian tunes. Vento Sur performers present musical instruments used in these genres, and how the rhythms and dances originated. Vento Sur, a CalArts all alumni quartet presents educational concerts of folk and popular music genres of the Hispanic heritage.The group has performed extensively in Southern California. Vento Sur musicians are Julissa Bozman, Alex Bozman, Jay Gravatt, and João Junqueira.

Past Events

Guest Speaker Author of "Big Chicas Don't Cry"
October 13 at 6pm
Hasley Hall 101

Hispanic Heritage guest speaker Annette Chavez Macias, author of "Big Chicas Don’t Cry", will discuss the journey of writing her book, and how she engaged in telling the story of resilience and strength of four cousins. Themes such as the meaning of family, love, loss, and drama are explored in a very funny and real way offering a fresh new look at Hispanic perspectives through the main characters’ lives. The presentation will include reading of excerpts by the author, interview, and book signing. Moderator: Claudia Acosta

Hispanic Heritage Cultural Festival Program Flier



Fall 2021  Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Cultural Festival. October 11-15, 2021



October 11

11a.m. C. Colville

Barranquilla Carnival: Understanding its Cultural Heritage

Zoom Link

1 p.m. C. Acosta & Guest

NiCaribbean Oral Poetry: A Look at Antojología de Carl Rigby and Memory Worker

Zoom Link

5p.mC. Holter

Toltec Wisdom: Los 4 acuerdos

Zoom Link

6p.m. F. Chauca

The Role of Peruvian Women in Ancient Textile Traditions

Zoom Link


October 12

3p.m. L. Alvarez

Guest Presenter

My Journey Along El Camino de Santiago

Zoom Link  (Passcode:040404)


5p.m. L. Pozo-Gravatt

The Mirabal’s Sisters: A Story of Resistance & Courage

Bonelli 14

Must follow the requirements/protocol to enter the COC campus

7p.m. C. Acosta & Guest

Border Communities: Conversation with the Director & Change Makers of “Beyond Barriers”

Zoom Link


October 13

4p.m. D. Rodriguez

A Glimpse into the Lively Celebration of Día de los Muertos and the Festivities of Hispanic Heritage Month

Zoom Link

5p.m. G. Aprato

Cultural Aspects of Tango in the Region of La Plata

 Zoom Link

6p.m. J. Junqueira

Espacios fronterizos Brasil-Uruguay

Zoom Link


October 14

2p.m. G. Reyes

Guest Presenter

The Historical Contributions of Mexican Women in a Male-dominated Society

Zoom Link

4p.m. J. Alonso

The Manila Galleon: 250 Years Connecting Mexico and Asia

Zoom Link


7p.m.J. Gravatt & J. Junqueira

Guest Presenters

Two Musical Traditions: Sanjuán and Cuban Rumba

Zoom Link


October 15

9a.m. L. Lara

Afro-Caribbean Cultural Identity in Costa Rica

Zoom Link

10a.m. G. Linares

Cultural Perspectives & Practices of Salvadorians  

Zoom Link

1p.m. C. Acosta & Guests
Tena and Canela: A Jewel in the Amazon
General Consulate of Ecuador in L.A. and Santa Clarita Sister Cities

Zoom Link




Open to All. Live digitally via Zoom. 

Press Release  Program

Featuring Special Guests :

NiCaribbean Oral Poetry: A Look at Antojología de Carl Rigby and Memory Worker

My Journey Along El Camino de Santiago  by Larry  Alvarez

Border Communities: A Conversation with Film Maker of Beyond Barriers

The Historical Contributions of Mexican Women in a Male-dominated Society  by German Reyes

Musical Traditions in Ecuador and Cuba: Sanjuán and Rumba by João Junqueira and Jay Gravatt

Tena and Canela: A Jewel in the Amazon by   Santa Clarita Sister Cities


Fall 2020 Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Cultural Festival. October 12-15, 2020











3 p.m.


The Magical World of Cultural Syncretismin Latin America

J. Junqueira 



Spanish Honor Society Ideals & Information

SDM Officers



Español y Cultura: Live Conversations

G. Linares

Meeting ID: 604 159 8096
Passcode: QZ26GF



Tena: Cinnamon, Rainforest & Sister City in the Amazon

Sister Cities Board 

Passcode: 458575


4 p.m.

 The Columbian Exchange: 1492-2020

J. Alonso 


"Yo hablo Español: Survival Spanish

C. Holter 


 Peru's Vibrant Afro-Peruvian Culture & Identity

F. Chauca & L. Pozo 


Latin Flavors: Cooking with the Chefs at the ICUE

Chefs: Schwanke & Otto 


5 p.m.

The Ritual of Mate, Traditions & Culture 

G. Aprato 


My Life as a Bilingual & Bicultural Student Leader

ASG & SDM Officers 


¡Salud! Recreating the History of the Iconic Cuban Mojito

L. Lara 


Day of the Dead: A Portrait of Mexican Family Values in "Coco"

ASG President 


6 p.m.

Literary Readings in Spanish



C. Acosta & Readers 


Documentary: "Tales of Masked Men" and  Conversation with Director


C. Acosta 


Latin America Musical Journey with Vento Sur


J. Junqueira 


Celebrating my Hispanic Heritage


L. Pozo & HL Students 



Open to All. Enjoy Live digitally via Zoom!

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Guest Presenters:

Screening Tales of Masked Men and Conversation with Director, Carlos Ávila

Latin American Musical Journey with Vento Sur

Latin Flavors: Cooking with the Chefs at the ICUE