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Faculty Request for Discipline-Specific Professional Development Funds

The Student Equity and Achievement Plan budget manager, in partnership with the Academic Senate, has developed a form and process for faculty to request funds to support discipline-specific professional development training.

The process for requesting funds and review of requests includes the following:
1) Budget managers will review requests for alignment with allowable expenditures per categorical fund guidelines and goals,
2) If alignment exists, department chairs will be notified of the request. If the alignment does not exist, the requestor and department chair will be notified, and
3) If approved, the requestor, dean, and department chair will be notified. 

Please make sure the department has aligned conference travel request with an objective in the department’s program review.

If you will also be submitting this travel for Flex credit, please submit the request through the established process. You will need to fill out the “Attending a Conference” form within MyLearningPlan (

Upon completion of the approved travel, you will need to submit requests for reimbursements and turn in the travel report to the department chair and budget manager within two weeks.

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