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2023-2024 Majors for an Associate Degree

1.  The following majors and degree requirements are for the most current catalog year.  If you hold catalog rights to a previous academic year, please contact the Counseling Office for your specific program requirements.
2.  The major preparation course requirements to transfer to a college or university (UC, CSU, and/or private school) are likely to be different from the major course requirements for the same major at COC.

3. The major course requirements listed in the sheets below only reflect the MAJOR course requirements for each degree. To complete an Associate Degree, you need to complete major course requirements AND general education (GE) course requirements. This can either be Local COC Degree GE requirements, CSU GE requirements, or IGETC. 
4.  If you are unsure of your major, what General Education classes you need to complete your Associate Degree or transfer, consider booking an appointment or attending an express drop-in to speak with a Counselor.