Math Courses

The course links below take you to our math course outline reports (COR) located on COC's eLumen page.  Within the COR, you may be interested in the areas listed below.  Please begin with the areas for the General Information, Learning Outcomes and Objectives, and the Course Outline.  Then move back toward the beginnning of the COR to take a look at the other areas listed here.  

  1. General Information (for Course Description)
  2. Associated Programs
  3. Transferability and Gen.Ed.Options
  4. Units and Hours: Default Units and Hours
  5. Requisites
  6. Learning Outcomes and Objectives
  7. Course Outline

Business Path

Math 58
Math 60
Math 70

Math 103: College Algebra (with or without the Math 93 support course)

Math 240:  Calculus for Business and Social Science

Business majors usually need statisics too. 

Some business majors may need finite mathematics depending upon the transfer institution.   

Math 111:  Finite Math


Statistics Path

Math 58

Math 75:  Intermediate Algebra for Statistics

Math 140 : Introductory Statistics (with or without the Math 90 support course)

Math 140 Honors



Math Placement Levels 1 - 5

Students are given the opportunity to begin at the transfer level.  

Counseling Department