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Math Courses

  • Beginning Fall 2019 we began offering placement into transfer-level math courses and created short non-credit classes.  Please see our information on Noncredit Math if you need to brush up on your math skills.

  • An X at the end of a course number means that is a class with Support, and that section will have more contact hours per week.

  • If you have questions about your placement or which math path to take, please check with the Counseling Department.

Schedule of Classes

College Catalog (2023-2024)

  • See the printed page 186 (or pages 188-189 when scrolling online).
  • The AP course equivalency list is on printed page 23 (or pages 24-25 when scrolling online).

Course Outlines in eLumen 

    1. scroll down to select Mathematics
    2. select the course you are interested in, and then
    3. click on the Course Outline Report in the last column.

Within a course outline, focus on the areas that are bold printed below

    • General Information (for Course Description)
    • Associated Programs
    • Transferability and Gen.Ed.Options
    • Units and Hours: Default Units and Hours
    • Requisites
    • Learning Outcomes and Objectives
    • Course Outline