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Mathematics Faculty Directory

Please contact faculty through email.  
The phone numbers below are in the 661 area code.
CCC stands for Canyon Country Campus.  Campus Maps

Department Chair

Name Email Office Phone Number
Anzhela "Angela" Grigoryan

Bonelli Hall 328 362-3106


Full-Time Faculty

Name Email Office Phone Number
Kelly Aceves

Seco Hall 202D (C-202D) 362-3753
Ruzanna Baytaryan (Student Math League Exam Organizer)

Hasley Hall 341 362-5916
Marlene Demerjian

Mentry Hall 312 362-3322
Collette Gibson (Math Consortium Contact)

Seco Hall 202B (C-202B) 362-3711
James Gilmore (Math Talk Organizer, Student Math League Exam Organizer)

Bonelli Hall 321 362-5914
Jeremy Goodman X-9; Room 104 362-3764
Anzhela "Angela" Grigoryan (Chair)

Bonelli Hall 328 362-3106
Brandon Hilst (Math 103/103X and 104 Coordinator)

Aliso Lab 205 362-3659
Mike Hubbard (Math 102/102X Coordinator)

Seco Hall 306B (C-306B) 362-3391
Charlie Johnson

Boykin Hall 218 362-3037
Violeta Kovacev-Nikolic (Math 212 Coordinator, Math Club Co-Advisor, Student Math League Exam Organizer)

Hasley Hall 341 362-3543
Kathy Kubo

Seco Hall 312D (C-312D) 362-3038
Luong Le

Seco Hall 305G (C-305G) 362-3715
Sab Matsumoto (Math 100 Coordinator)

Seco Hall 309 (C-309) 362-3661
Greg Mucha

Bonelli Hall 323 362-3716
Ana Palmer

Hasley Hall 338 362-3063
Mike Sherry (Math 211 Coordinator)

Mentry Hall 337 362-5007
Ambika Silva (Math 140 Coordinator)

Seco Hall 312C (C-312C) 362-3554
Dustin Silva (Math 140X Coordinator)

CCC-700F (Canyon Country Campus) 362-3848
Matt Teachout

Seco Hall 312D (C-312D) 362-3931


Part-Time Faculty 

Name Email Office
M. Acuff

A. Adamyan

R. Ades

N. Agassi

M. Aivazian

T. Alikhanyan

A. Asadyan

H. Atniel

I. Barbullushi

G. Barsegian

M. Bartel

A. Bojkov

R. Brophy

S. Brown

A. Chandran

G. Craciun (Math Club Co-Advisor)

G. Demirchyan

J. Dichter

K. DiPassero

R. Erickson

E. Flynn

A. Gregorian

S. Grigoryan

B. Gunderson

A. Hakobyan

A. Harutyunyan

J. Herrera

A. Hildrew

J. Howe

K. Jimenez

D. Jung

A. Kelkar

A. Kim

T. Klein

J. Lee

K. Lewers

M. Mahn

M. Martinez

V. Mikaelian

S. Milne

S Minyard

H. Mkrtchyan

J. Moss

A. Mundsack

S. Najafi

L. Newland

E. Nikjeh

T. Ogimachi

E. Pham

D. Purohit

C. Ramirez

U. Ranasinghe

M. Riasati

BONH 312
M. Said

S. Shows

R. Sinha

J. Suh

L. Tadevosyan

E. Terkivatan

I. Toneryan

C. Tran

J. Yankey