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Noncredit Math Classes

Beginning Fall 2022 we stopped offering below transfer level math classes.  Topics from Math 58 (Algebra Preparation), Math 60 (Elementary Algebra), and Math 70 (Intermediate Algebra) are now offered through our noncredit program. 

Certificates may be earned by completing clusters of these noncredit classes.

Search Noncredit Math within the schedule of classes. 

Noncredit Math Classes 

Class Numbers and Titles

Topics from Math 58:
NC.MATH-001:  Whole Numbers (6-10 hours)
NC.MATH-002: Fractions and Mixed Numbers (6-10 hours)
NC.MATH-003: Decimal Numbers (6-10 hours)

NC.MATH-004: Percentages (6-10 hours)
NC.MATH-005: Rates and Proportions (6-10 hours)
NC.MATH-006: Signed Numbers (6-10 hours)

Topics from Math 60:
NC.MATH-007: Algebraic Expressions (6-10 hours)
NC.MATH-008: Graphs and Lines (6-10 hours)
NC.MATH-009: Linear Systems (6-10 hours)

NC.MATH-010: Exponents and Polynomial Operation (6-10 hours)
NC.MATH-011:  Factoring Polynomials (6-10 hours)
NC.MATH-012: Rational Expressions and Equations (6-10 hours)

Topics from Math 70:
NC.MATH-013:  Relations, Functions, and Graphs (6-10 hours)
NC.MATH-014:  Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities (6-10 hours)
NC.MATH-015:  Radicals and Rational Exponents (10-14 hours)

NC.MATH-016:  Quadratic Equations/Functions (8-12 hours)
NC.MATH-017:  Exponential/Logarithmic Functions (8-12 hours)

NC.MATH-018:  Conic Sections (6-10 hours)
NC.MATH-019:  Sequences and Series (6-10 hours)