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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Guided Pathways?

Guided Pathways is a state-wide initiative to bring a closer look at students' options while attending the California Community College system. We are one of 20 colleges entolled in the program. More information about the state-wide initiative can be found on the California Guided Pathways website.

Who reports out on Canyons Completes?

The IE2 (Institutional Effectiveness and Inclusive Excellence) committee typically handles the communication that goes out to the college via email, weekly Monday Reports, and our very own Pathways Institute. Student Services is also delivering presentations at department-wide staff meetings.

Does the California Community College Chancellor's Office (CCCCO) offer any training on Guided Pathways?

Yes! Links to trainings are available through the Professional Development Training Portal.

How do I host a web meeting for those interested in learning more about Guided Pathways, but can't attend in-person meetings?

As of February, 2019, Zoom Web Meetings is the preferred solution. If you reach out to ConferZoom and request a Pro account, they can unlock the ability to host a web meeting with more members by assigning a license to your COC email address.

What are the 2018 graduation rates?

13% of full-time, first time degree/certificate-seeking students graduate within two years.

36% graduate in three years.

46% graduate in four years.

Where can I find updated reporting metrics?

Updated metrics can be found in the California Community College Student Success Scorecard.

How are these numbers calculated?

 These metrics calculated using the CCCCO Methodology for College Profile Metrics