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LEAP Guided Pathways logo. LEAP is in bold yellow letters, and Guided Pathways is underneath it in black. In the background is the year 2018, with a cartoon frog peering out of the bottom hole of the number "8"


In-Reach Flow Chart with four bubbles, going from the top with arrows pointing through each one: In-Reach > Communication and Production > Early Alert > Welcome Day > and returning to In-Reach


Leadership Education in Action Program (LEAP) is organized by the Professional Development department. Please visit their site for more information regarding previous team goals.

This page serves as a central repository to all resources created through the efforts of this year's LEAP members. The following teams have been tasked with spearheading our approach to student success through Guided Pathways.

LEAP Frequently Asked Questions



Equity Minded Practitioners

group photo of the LEAP Equity Minded Practitioners team

This solution team will be focused on developing a training program to help campus faculty, staff, and administrators be Equity Minded Practitioners. The vision for Equity Minded Practitioners is to help others across campus to review practices, policied, and procedures to ensure they are equitable for our students. Practitioners will be trained and will assist in creating a training for others to take in the future.

Mentor: Diane Fiero

Mentor Schools: Skyline and Foothill DeAnza College


  • Flavio Medina-Martin
  • Cindy Stephens
  • Preeta Saxena
  • Jess Love
  • Anthony Morris
  • Debbie Morlett

Student Success Teams

group photo of the LEAP Student Success team

This solution team will join others to create what student success teams are at College of the Canyons. This is a workgroup under the Institutional Effectiveness and Includive Excellence plan to implement Canyons Completes. This group will discuss the components of a student success team and make recommendations for implementation.

Mentor: Michael Wilding

Mentor Schools: Bakersfield, Santa Rosa College (Petaluma Campus), and LA Trade Tech


  • Erika Torgeson
  • Tara Williams
  • Carly Perl
  • Vida Manzo
  • Adam Wyland
  • Maya Succar


Communication and Promotion Team

group photo of the LEAP communication and promotion team

This solution team will work to create a messaging to the students regarding meta-majors and Canyons Completes. This team will work on innovative solutions to spread the word to our students.

Mentor: Ryan Theule

Mentor School: Sierra College

Team: Contact Ryan for more information

In-reach Team

group photo of the LEAP in-reach team

This solution team will work to create messaging to our campus community, including faculty, classified staff, short term employees, college assistants, and administrators. We would like to use Instagram TV, podcasts, YouTube videos, newsletters, and blogs as tools to keep people up to date on the information.

This team's goal is to target COC's employees and align a method of training that works best for our diverse pool of individuals. Other colleges have found the greatest success rates with in-person communication by way of staff meeting demonstrations. We intend to leverage these meetings with various marketing tactics to drive a buzz around the Guided Pathways movement.

Mentor: Eric Harnish

Mentor Schools: Bakersfield (Lesley Bonds)


  • Justin Smith
  • Sherrell Lewis
  • Maria Martinez
  • Janet Carver
  • Angela Harris


Early Alert and Retention Team

group photo of the leap early alert and retention team

This solution team will work with the Early Alert and Retention workgroup to implement Starfish on our campus. Starfish is our new Early Alert and Retention technology package. Our contract starts November 1 and we want to have this product implemented and in beta-testing for Spring 2019. We are also developing a full retention program that wraps around the use of the Starfish program.

Mentor: Jim Temple/Mike Joslin

Mentor Schools: Montgomery CC (Philadelphia), Skyline College (Sparkpoint)


  • Donna Robert
  • Andrea Varney
  • Jesse Vera
  • Marianne Doyle
  • Justin Hunt

Welcome Day Team

group photo of the leap welcome day team

This solution team will work to develop and implement a Welcome Day for all new students in the Fall 2019 term. The team would outline what a welcome day looks like, what is included, and how we can invite all new students to this day.

Mentor: Mike Joslin

Mentor Schools: Pasadena and Santa Ana


  • Joy Shoemate
  • Pola Pardon
  • Gina Peterson
  • Anthony Michaelides
  • Arlete Hernandez
  • Lisa Pavik


Adult Learners Team

group photo of the leap adult learners team

This solution team will explore the needs of our adult learners. The team will reach out to our adult learners to hear from them what services we can provide to help them reach their educational goal. This team will also reach out to their colleagues to see what they do for their adult learners. This group will also explore effective instructional practices for our adult learners.

Mentor: Andy McCutcheon


  • Jason Hinkle
  • Catherine Parker
  • Aaron Silverman
  • Ann Marchesan
  • Rachel Randall
  • Joanna Kelly

Experiential Learning Team

 group photo of the experiential learning team

This solution team will work to expand our experiential learning offerings. This will include community-based learning, experiential-based learning, internships, job shadowing, and more.

Mentor: Jerry Buckley


  • Jennifer Paris
  • Wendy Ruiz
  • Paula Hodge
  • Harriet Happel
  • Sarah Segal
  • John Cordova