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CWEE Courses

Internship Courses: CWE-186 & CWE-188

Internships are offered for college credit through a Cooperative Work Experience Education course: CWE-186 (unpaid internships) and CWE-188 (paid internships). Classes are offered based on student need. In other words, you may not see the course listed in the current schedule but we will build one if appropriate.

CWEE currently offers sixteen internship courses to directly support Career Education (CE) programs at College of the Canyons. Many CE programs require or strongly recommend an internship in order to graduate.

Internships are available to everyone. Though internships are central to students following CE programs, we encourage all students to explore career paths through an internship.

Courses are offered from one to four units in fall and spring terms and up to two units in winter and summer terms. CWE-186 & CWE-188 courses are associate degree applicable, and transfer to the CSU system as elective units.

Students must have an internship or job in place prior to enrolling in the CWE course. It is the students responsibility to secure an internship.

For assistance with searching for an internship, students can make an appointment with a College of the Canyons Employment Center Job Developer. To make an appointment with a Job Developer, visit the Employment Center website. They can also assist students with a resume, interview preparation and more.

Once you have landed an internship and submit the necessary forms, Internship staff will determine which course you are eligible for based on your major, how well the internship represents that major, or based on your goals. Internship staff will make the final determination and adjust your student record to clear for registration. The CWE Online Orientation is required and explains the process from start to finish.

Cooperative Work Experience Education | Courses Available

Automotive Technology
Computer Applications Web Technologies
Computer Networking
Culinary Arts
Elementary Education
Environmental Studies
Graphic & Multimedia Design
Interior Design
Media Entertainment Arts
Manufacturing Technology
Paralegal Studies
Sign Language