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Contact Information

For specific inquiries, please use the following contact information:


  • Sharon Kramer  |  Email


  • Dr. Rian Medlin  |  Email 


  • Deshiba Grant   Email

Medical Leave, Workplace Injury or Reasonable Accommodation 

  • Dr. Lauren Elan Helsper  Email

Verifications of Employment

Organizational Chart

All Other Inquiries


We are here to serve you

The Human Resources Department is here to serve you, whether you are a current employee, applicant or someone who wants to know more about working at College of the Canyons. 

HR is an innovative strategic partner that works collaboratively to promote the mission of the district and provide support for the learning environment. We create equitable employment practices to attract and retain the best qualified and dynamic employees. We encourage and embrace a diverse and inclusive campus community that enriches and supports the lives of our fellow employees and students.


Updated: June 10, 2022