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November brings two of my favorite parts of the year - turkey, and technology! Gearing up to the holidays can be a bit of a process, and hopefully I can steer you towards a couple ways of elevating you experience and transcending your Thanksgiving traditions. Read on if you are in the market for a couple different ways to add technology in to the fold.


Cooking Data

By Justin Smith

If you're anything like me, the thought of tossing your laptop in the oven might have crossed your mind a couple times in the past year or two. :) Thankfully, that's not what I mean by "cooking data".

One of my solutions to hack the holidays is the Meater Plus thermometer. This wireless wonder leverages a Bluetooth signal to a base-station that enables you to see both the internal temperature of your cook, AND the ambient temperature of your cooking method. Knowing both of those temperatures is invaluable when geeking-out on your big meal!

Once setup, you can use your smart-phone to monitor the temperature of whatever is cooking in the oven and it will even send you a notification when it is time to remove it from the oven.

Check out the various models available over at the Meater Website.

I personally leverage the Meater Plus along with my back-yard smoker to get a better idea of the ambient temperature of the smoker, without having to open it up, and loose that valuable humidity that's making my meal, oh so much, better.

Here is the summary of the cooking data from a recent meal I prepared. When utilizing the app, if you tap on the graph, you can also get an precise temperature report.

screen shot of mobile phone application


Meater Website

Black Friday Technology Deals ?

by James Temple

Article Body


How to Change Your User Profile in Colleague Self Service

by  Lisa Sawyer

How to Change Your User Profile in Colleague Self Service

Did you know you can change some of your personal information yourself in Self Service?  You can add or edit the following:

  • Home (Legal/Permanent) and Mailing Addresses
  • Personal Email Address (“Internet” Type)
  • Home and Cell Phone Numbers


In order to do this, you will first need to login to Self Service through either My Canyons by selecting the Self Service tile or going directly to


Once you are in Self Service, click on your User ID on the top right and select the User Profile menu.  Here you can add or edit your information.

Colleague Self Service Welcome Page

Colleague Self Service Profile Settings

Image of man tying his shoe with text reading, Find Your Fit

Do You Gobble 'til You Wobble During the Holidays?

by Sally Rowland

Trimmings and stuffings and pies, oh my! Every year I set goals so that I won't overdo it during the holidays, and every year, I epically fail.  If you can relate, and want to effect year round positive health changes, here are a few of my favorites trackers and tools to offset the holiday wobble and keep you moving:

While it may seem redundant, I do wear both the Apple Watch and the Fitbit Inspire.  I charge my Apple Watch at night, and love that the Fitibit is lightweight and tracks my sleep.  Plus, it takes a village to hold me accountable and I have a community on each device that make fitness fun!  Incorporating family, friends and colleagues to cheer on my successes, remind me of my goals, and challenge me to bring out my competitive side all help keep my wobble to a mere wiggle when I do apply myself!

picture frames

November to Remember

by Sally Rowland

Struggling with a phone full of photos and memories but never print or display them because you just can't think of an easy way?  What better time to do so than during your Thanksgiving meal! For a meaningful guest experience, download your favorite photos of yourself with each family member, friend, or guest attending and use a small digital picture frame as a place card to mark their seat at your Thanksgiving table.  Digital picture frames have become increasingly more affordable and multifunctional.  This frame can be used as a keychain for guests long after the meals ends to treasure the photos you select for years to come!