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The Powered On news crew would like to officially welcome you back from summer!

Please join Jim Temple in BONH-107 for an Open Office Hour to enjoy an ice cream sandwich on Sep 12th from 1:30pm - 2:30pm.

The main Computer Support Services "help desk" is located in Bonelli 107. Click here to see our hours of operation. While you're here, ask about the various equipment we have available for check-out, to help you through your technological adventures here at COC.


How to Change Your User Profile in Colleague Self Service

by  Lisa Sawyer


Did you know you can change some of your personal information yourself in Self Service?  You can add or edit the following:

  • Home (Legal/Permanent) and Mailing Addresses
  • Personal Email Address (“Internet” Type)
  • Home and Cell Phone Numbers

In order to do this, you will first need to login to Self Service through either My Canyons by selecting the Self Service tile or going directly to

Once you are in Self Service, click on your User ID on the top right and select the User Profile menu.  Here you can add or edit your information.



screenshot of selfservice in colleague

Are you using CanyonsID for ZOOM?

by Sally Atwood


Did you know that you can use your CanyonsID to log in to Zoom in a more secure fashion?  
Follow these steps to login to Zoom on your office computer.
Step 1: Select SSO as the sign in method on the login screenScreen shot of zoom login window

Step 2: Enter “canyonsonline” as the company domain

Screen shot of zoom login window.

Step 3: Enter your CanyonsID credentials and select Login

Screen shot of zoom login window

Step 4: Enjoy Zoom!


CSS Employee Spotlight - Sean Hughes

By Sally Atwood

Person singing into a microphone Person singing into a microphone


While Sean is not a new face to the COC family, he is our newest full-time help desk member in Computer Support Services.  Sean began his journey with COC in 2001 as an adult hourly employee supporting audio-visual events. Get to know a little more about Sean, in his own words, from our Q & A:

Is there quote that motivates you?

“Osmosis is the unsung hero of rock n’ roll” - Bono

As a musician and singer-songwriter this quote has always reminded me that an artistic journey is influenced by past, present and individual experiences. I also see that this is true with life. Music is a powerful source of influence in our lives.

What was your first job?

My first job was at the age 14 working a paper route in my neighborhood for The Signal.  I would wake up at 3 – 4 am and fold the papers, place them in two tan canvas bags that would sit on each side of my bike. My route had at least 120 houses and so I would ride around delivering the papers in the brisk mornings of winter throwing left to right.

What drew you to this field?

As a musician I found myself frequently around audio and visual systems so in an effort to help my music I pursued my Associate degree from College of the Canyons in Radio Television and Film. It was from there that I was introduced to audio/visual and IT at College of the Canyons, through Joe Lanthier, and ever since I’ve been part of the CSS department.

What skills have you found vital to your job?

Skills that are vital to my job is multi-tasking, being a good listener and good communication.

How do you maintain work-life balance?

I think it is important to have passions and hobbies in your life outside of any career that you pursue. I’m passionate about cars, guitars and music. I also exercise a few days a week to keep myself healthy.

Stop by the help desk in BONH-107 to see Sean's smiling face!


Augmented Reality

Emerging Technologies at College of the Canyons: Exploring zSpace, SimX, and UBI Sim

By Mauricio Escobar


The Computer Support Department, in collaboration with Heath Professions and Career Education, have been actively researching innovative tools that could elevate our educational methodologies and ensuring we remain at the forefront of immersive academic tools. We are excited to introduce you to three pioneering technologies that have been on our radar: zSpace, SimX, and UBi Sim. Let's delve into what each offers and the potential implications for our institution.

ZSpace: Interactive Learning

zSpace offers a revolutionary way to interact with digital content. Through an advanced display and a specialized stylus, users can manipulate and engage with 3D simulations in a highly intuitive manner. Without the need for cumbersome VR headsets, zSpace bridges the gap between traditional computing and immersive interaction. The potential applications in fields ranging from engineering to biology are vast, offering students a more tangible and engaging learning experience.


SimX: The Evolution of Medical Training

SimX is a virtual reality system designed specifically for medical training. With the utilization of VR headsets, medical students and heath professionals can immerse themselves in realistic clinical scenarios. This platform provides a safe environment for trainees to diagnose, collaborate, and perform procedures without the inherent risks of real-life practice. As we strive for excellence in medical education, integrating tools like SimX could greatly enhance our training programs, ensuring students are prepared for real-world challenges.


UBI Sim: Enhancing Nursing Education

Nursing education requires a delicate balance of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. UBI Sim has emerged as an instrumental tool in achieving this. This virtual reality platform provides nursing students with realistic scenarios to hone their skills. From technical procedures to patient communication, UBI Sim offers immersive experiences that allow for iterative learning, where students can practice, refine, and perfect their skills in a controlled environment.

The integration of advanced technologies can significantly enrich our curriculum, providing students with contemporary tools that mirror the progression in their respective fields. zSpace, SimX, and UBi Sim represent a few of the options we are considering, each offering unique benefits that align with our commitment to academic excellence.

Computer Support remains dedicated to ensuring College of the Canyons continues to adopt and adapt to innovative solutions. We welcome feedback and collaboration as we evaluate these tools for potential implementation.


Summer Lab Upgrades - New Computers

By Justin Smith

This summer was a busy one! While hopefully you were likely sipping on a virgin strawberry daiquiri on a remote desert island, while watching dolphins doing backflips in the ocean, we were upgrading computers! Here is an abridged list of the rooms where we replaced computers in accordance with the districts 5 year replacement cycle.













Student Services Counters



Computer Science
















Library Study Rooms








Computer Networking











New computers usually include a refreshed set of software. If you find yourself in one of these rooms (or any computer lab for that matter) and missing software, please don’t hesitate to call us @ extension 3953.


Laugh it up, chuckles

By Mayra Cuellar


Q:   Why was the mobile phone wearing glasses?

A:   Because it lost its contacts! 


beach sunset