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Career Counseling

Are you feeling unsure of your future? Have you thought about dropping out of college or changing your major yet again? Are you unsure of your life plans for the day after your college graduation?  If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions you might be an ideal candidate for a Career Counseling appointment.



  • COC Counselors can help you connect the dots from college to career.

    We can help you find your way and plan out your classes. We don't want you to put off confirming your college major or career pathway any longer!


    What is Career Counseling?

    Step 1: COC Career Assessments


    Step 2: What's Out There?

    Step 3: Professional Associations

    Step 4: Where do I go From Here?
    Step 5: Create a Student Education Plan.




  • Pre-Appointment directions:

    • Please complete the Kuder Journey career assessment before you meet with a counselor.
    • Kuder Journey will assist you in finding what type of work you may enjoy by assessing your strengths and interest.  This must be completed before making a career appointment.
    • If you have already completed this assessment, please have your username and password ready at the start of your career counseling appointment.
    • Kuder Journey Log-in Instructions

    Kuder Journey logo

    Learn how to view your Kuder Journey results in less than 10 minutes!

    COC also offers additional career assessments called The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory. Students can receive free access codes directly from their counselor. These assessments are usually a follow-up to a Kuder Journey interpretation appointment. They are in-depth psychological assessments and help students dive deeper into self-exploration.  

    Myers-Briggs Type Indicator logo.  Strong logo.


  • Connecting College to Careers:

    "Connecting College to Careers" can help any student feeling unsure of their college major or career pathway. We will introduce students to the Career Exploration process, and we will supply them with access codes to take free career assessments.

    • September 28th, 6-7pm
    • October 27th, 1-2pm
    • December 2nd, 10-11am


    Careers in Allied Healthcare:

    "Careers in Allied Healthcare" helps educate students on the many career opportunities found within the hospital settings. We want to help educate them on career options other than Nurses and Doctors. Student can use their pre-requisite courses (Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology) to break into many exciting opportunities. It's a positive spin on how to use their hard work to open other doors.

    • November 4th, 10-11am

    Career Workshops