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green gardener

The Green Gardener Program will allow gardeners and landscapers to identify, describe, and apply best practices in professional waterwise gardening. The program emphasizes the efficient use of resources and appropriate customer communication in residential and commercial landscape maintenance practices. The curriculum is designed to help students prepare for entry-level positions in gardening and landscaping as well as refine the existing skills of industry professionals preparing for a leadership role in landscaping.

Course and Certificate Information

    • NC.WATR 100A - GREEN GARDENER I: Presents the fundamentals of green gardening including plant selection, irrigation management, pruning, pest management, fertilizers, and general water efficiency. Additionally the course will cover fundamental communication with customers for identifying and fixing related landscape maintenance problems.

    • NC.WATR 100B -  GREEN GARDENER II: Presents the fundamentals of green gardening with a focus on turfgrass, turfgrass alternatives, and trees. Additionally the course will cover communicating with customers and technology that can enhance communication.