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Baking Fundamentals Certificate of Completion

Introduces students to basic formulas and techniques in the bakeshop. Students will be able to demonstrate proficiency in basic/ introductory baking techniques including application of formulas, safety, and sanitation.

• NC.CUL 001 CULINARY SAFETY AND SANITATION: 16.00 - 24 hours Prepares students to take the ServSafe exam. Introduces principles of food safety and sanitation in a food service operation. Topics include sanitation regulations, personal hygiene,contamination sources,microorganisms, proper food handling techniques and storage, comprehensive cleaning and sanitizing, and workplace safety concepts.

• NC.CUL 002 BAKING FUNDAMENTALS I: 36.00 – 48.00 hours Prerequisite: NC.CUL-001 Explores ingredient interaction, proper scaling techniques, and reading of formulas in baking. Learn how to correctly measure and prepare quick bread recipes.

• NC.CUL 003 BAKING FUNDAMENTALS II: 36.00 – 48.00 hours Prerequisite: NC.CUL-002 Second in a series, emphasizing baking skills necessary for employment including advanced breads and pastries.