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NC.OAD 001 -  ISSUES IN HEALTHY AGING FOR OLDER ADULTS: Examines issues of aging and the related concerns of the older adult, emphasizing the age-specific challenges associated with health, law, finances, as well as personal and social relationships. Includes information on caregiving and assisting self and others with ongoing health conditions.

NC.OAD 008 -  CREATIVE EXPRESSION THROUGH ACTING FOR OLDER ADULTS: Develops skills in creative expression for older adults through acting and storytelling. Acting and storytelling topics explored may include solo performance, improvisation, scene work and/or musical theatre. End of class public performance may be offered.

NC.OAD 009 -  AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL STORYTELLING THROUGH THE ONE PERSON SHOW FOR OLDER ADULTS: Develops storytelling skills through writing and performing/reading an original solo piece. Utilize reminiscing, spontaneous writing, improvisation, and instructor/group feedback to improve writing and performance skills. End of class performances or readings may be offered.

NC.OAD 010 -  AQUATIC FITNESS FOR OLDER ADULTS: Examines the theory and practice of aquatic fitness for older adults. The physical and mental wellbeing of older adults is improved through aerobic conditioning, strength training, and stretch activities in a water environment. Swim skills are not required.

NC.OAD 020 -  CURRENT EVENTS AND ISSUES IMPACTING OLDER ADULTS: Analyze and discuss current events and issues impacting older adults with an emphasis on improving communication and critical thinking skills.

NC.OAD 082 -  PHOTOGRAPHING NATURE FOR OLDER ADULTS: Introduces technical skills for photographing nature, including image composition techniques and file
management. It is recommended that students have access to DLSR, smartphone, or point and shoot camera. Field trips may be required

NC.OAD 100 - HEALTH AND FITNESSExamines the theory and practice of health and skill related physical fitness activities for older adults with an emphasis on maintaining independence in daily activities. Improves physical and mental well being through life-sustaining exercise strategies and discussions on disease and injury prevention.


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