human resources

Course and Certificate Information

  • Certificate Description: Introduce learners to the field of Human Resources.  Prepare participants with a solid foundation of the human resources functions, basic knowledge of relevant employment laws, and the ability to perform basic human resources activities that are an essential part of the employment life cycle.  The Gateway Human Resources Assistant certificate consists of three short-term courses and is designed for those interested in gaining knowledge and skills for employment into an entry-level position in human resources.

    Course Description:

    • NC.BUS 1A - Foundations of Human Resources Management: Explores the major areas of responsibilities under human resources and the importance of these functions within a business. Discover careers within human resources and the skills needed to be successful.
    • NC.BUS 1B - Employment Law Fundamentals: Examines relevant state and federal employment laws that impact the workplace.
    • NC.BUS 1C - Human Resources Management Support Activities: Presents basic essential activities applicable to a support level position in human resources.                 
  • Certificate Description: Examines the critical role of supervisors, managers, and leaders within the context of human resources management across various industries.  Provides business leaders with a more in-depth employment law review and the strategies and tools to navigate the work environment to more effectively hire, manage, motivate, and retain talent.  The Supervisor’s Roadmap certificate consists of two short-term courses and is designed for those interested in moving into a supervisor role or for individuals wanting to step into a leadership role with additional employee oversight responsibilities.

    Course Description:

    • NC.BUS 2A - Supervisor’s Role in Workplace Compliance: Explores relevant employment laws affecting the workplace in connection with the supervisor’s role in ensuring compliance.
    • NC.BUS 2B - People Management: Examines tools to effectively hire, manage, motivate, and retain talent. Examines the employment life cycle from a supervisor and business leader’s perspective.
  • Certificate Description: Examines the human resources professional’s role as a strategic partner for an organization.  Provides a more advanced employment law review and update and explores human resources strategies to optimize their organization to achieve a competitive advantage.  The Human Resources Professionals certificate consists of two short-term courses and is designed for those individuals interested in stepping into a higher-level strategic human resources position.

    Course Description:

    • NC.BUS 3A - Legal Review and Update for Human Resources Management Professionals
    • NC.BUS 3B - Strategic Human Resources Management:  Explores human resources strategies to optimize an organization’s efforts in achieving a competitive advantage.








    Employment of H.R. Management



    6/29 to 7/11



    H.R Management Support Activities



    7/13 to 8/8

    FALL 2020



    52128 H.R Management Support Activities Asynchronous Online

    8/24 to 9/19


    51531 Supervisors Role Wrkpl Cmplnc Asynchronous Online

    8/17 to 9/12


    51532 People Management Asynchronous Online

    9/14 to 10/10


    51533 Legar for H.R Mgmt Profess Asynchronous Online

    10/12 to 11/7


    51534 Strategic H.R Management Asynchronous Online

    11/9 to 12/5