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Want to teach online? Introducing COC's Online & Hybrid Instructor Certificate

The Online Instructor Qualifications, approved by the College of the Canyons Academic Senate, require that, before teaching an online or hybrid course at College of the Canyons, instructors complete specific training components to earn an Online & Hybrid Instructor Certificate.

Overview of Instructor Certification Training Components

Click below for an overview of each of College of the Canyons' instructor certification training components

  • Course: Intro to Teaching with Canvas

    Enroll in Intro to Teaching with Canvas self-paced online course

    • Length: Estimated 5 hours
    • Type: Online, self-paced course in Canvas
    • Flex credit: 5 hours*
    • Instructor Certification: Canvas 
    • Other: This course is a requireed prerequisite for the Introduction to Online Instruction (IOI) course and Intro to OnlineLIVE Teaching & Learning course. 

    Course Description

    The "Intro to Teaching with Canvas" training is a fully online course that you can progress through at your own pace. Completing this course will orient you to Canvas and show you where to find, and how to use the tools and resources to build accessible course content, communicate with and provide feedback to students, as well as create and grade assignments. 

    This course provides training on Section 508 / Accessible Design, where you will learn how to make web pages, electronic content, and software compliant with the state and federal law, known as Section 508.*

    Upon completion of this course, you will become “Canvas Certified”, and will be able to use Canvas for any of your face-to-face courses. 


    Enroll in "Intro to Teaching with Canvas" course


     *If you completed the 4 hour training course (prior to June 2021), you will also need to complete 1 hour online workshop "Section 508 Website Accessibility". Beginning June 2021, the 'Intro to Teaching with Canvas course includes this training. 

  • Course: Introduction to Online Instruction (IOI)

    • Length: 5 weeks (36 hours)
    • Type: Online asynchronous course in Canvas
    • Flex credit: 36 hours*
    • Instructor Certification: Online & Hybrid

    Online InstructionCourse Description

    Introduction to Online Instruction (IOI) is a five-week, 100% online course (taught in Canvas) is offered FREE at COC through the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)​. Introduction to Online Instruction explores the application of learning theories for online learners; differences between face-to-face and online learning; resources for online teaching and learning; course management systems and online learning tools; and best practices for online learning. The class is designed so that participants will experience the components of an online course from both student and instructor perspectives. (36 hours, a five-week, 100% online course taught via Canvas)


    Participants must have completed the Intro to Teaching with Canvas self-paced online course with accessibility training (est. 5 hours) PRIOR to the start of the IOI course.


    *New 2021 - Now Offered in Non-Credit!

    To register for IOI in Non-Credit, please launch the Class Schedule. You will complete enrollment into the Noncredit CETL course, NC.EDUC-105, if you complete these easy steps in this order:

    1. Submit a Summer 2021 College of the Canyons Free Noncredit Application- Use “CETL OpenCCC instructions
      Go to to begin.
    2. Wait 24-48 hours to receive an email from entitled, “Your COC Noncredit Application Has Been Accepted.”
    3. Log in to My Canyons to register for NC.EDUC-105, Section #58956. Follow “How to Register for EDUC.105 using Express Registration” 

    Full-time faculty can accrue FLEX credit up to the number of hours the class meets (2 units = 36 hours, e.g.) OR apply 2 units toward salary advancement (see COCFA contract). Adjunct faculty can receive FLEX credit as well, though not to exceed the limit per semester as outlined in the adjunct faculty contract. For questions about IOI, please contact CETL:

    Alternative to Component #3 Requirement: Complete the fee-based online training “Introduction to Online Instruction” (ITL) offered through @One.

    Once you have completed all required training components, e-mail to request your Online Instructor Certificate. 

  • Intro. to OnlineLIVE Teaching & Learning

    • Length: 2 weeks (9 hours)
    • Type: Online synchronous course in Canvas & Zoom
    • Flex credit: 9 hours
    • Instructor Certification: OnlineLIVE
    • Pre-Requisite: Participants must have completed the Intro to Teaching with Canvas self-paced online course with accessibility training (est. 5 hours) PRIOR to the start of the IOI course.

    Course Description

    This synchronous training prepares instructors to lead inclusive, engaging live online instructional sessions, utilizing active learning strategies while complying with student privacy and accessibility requirements.

    Course Description: Engaging live sessions in online classes don’t just happen. They’re intentionally designed! By the completion of this 2-week course, you will demonstrate your ability to schedule, conduct, archive, and share a live session. You will also develop a lesson plan for a live session that uses effective instructional skills to support the diverse needs of community college students. You will achieve these goals by asynchronously engaging with content and completing assignments in Canvas, as well as attending synchronous sessions in Zoom that scaffold your learning. Per the College of the Canyons Academic SenateOnliveLIVE courses will require this training beginning Fall 2022. FLEX credit of 9 hours will be awarded upon completion.


    Course will be offered through the Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL) beginning Summer 2021. 

    About OnlineLIVE training:
    1. All provisional online certifications originally set to expire on June 6, 2021, as outlined in the adopted standards per Academic Senate action on October 1, 2020, will be honored and extended to December 31, 2021 after which time they will permanently expire.
    2. Instructors possessing only provisional online instructor certification should not be assigned nor allowed to teach 100%, asynchronous ONLINE classes during the 2021 summer and fall terms.
    3. The Academic Senate, in collaboration with the Office of Instruction, intends to establish a new OnlineLIVE instructor certification standard. All current provisionally certified online instructors must complete this new OnlineLIVE certification training to be assigned and teach synchronous OnlineLIVE classes for all 2022 terms and thereafter.
    4. Provisionally certified instructors also have the option to complete the traditional IOI online instructor certification course thereby permitting them to teach OnlineLIVE classes for the Winter, Spring and Summer 2022 terms only (see #5 below for context), and 100% ONLINE classes in 2022 and thereafter.
    5. Beginning in Fall 2022 and thereafter, all instructors intending to be assigned and permitted to teach OnlineLIVE synchronous classes must have completed the new OnlineLIVE instructor certification training. Completion of the traditional IOI Online Instructor Certification course will no longer be recognized as permitting instructors to teach OnlineLIVE synchronous classes for the Fall 2022 terms and thereafter.

    The full text of the policy can be found here.

  • Refresh Online Instructor Certification

    'Refresh' Online Instructor Qualifications every three years by completing a self-paced online course (approx. two hours).

    About the course

     Instructors will refresh their Online Instructor Qualifications every three years by completing a self-paced online training (approx. two hours), which includes updates on technology, regulations, accreditation requirements, best practices, and resources.

    The (two hour) self-paced Canvas course covers updates on technology, new legal & accreditation requirements, best practices, and reminders. Instructors whose three-year cycle falls into the next cohort will receive an email from Online Education informing them about the next refresh cycle. 

    Want to Learn More? Visit Online & Hybrid Instructor Re-certification FAQ   

  • Provisional Certification for OnlineLIVE Instruction*

    From Fall 2020 - December 2021, Instructors will need either the Online Instructor Certification, or the Provisional Certification to teach an OnlineLIVE course. The Provisional Certification consists of the following components: 

    1. Intro to Teaching with Canvas (approx. 5 hour self-paced course)
    2. Keep Teaching (approx. 4 hour self-paced course, see below for more info)

    *Provisional certification is not an equivalency to any portion of IOI. Provisional Certification expires December 31, 2021


    Keep Teaching is a fully online, self-paced course. The total estimated time to complete the required components is 4 hours. This course provides you with information on course design/presentation, interaction and communication, and reminders about assessment and accessibility. As part of this training course, you will build Canvas course components in a separate 'Sandbox' course. A "Sandbox" course is a sample classroom in Canvas, where you can practice building your class. Whatever you create in your Sandbox, you can easily move into the Canvas space that you will actually use with a live class.

Visit Online & Hybrid Instructor Re-certification FAQ for additional information   

For information regarding registration, earning Flex credit, tracking completion and receiving your certificate, please contact the Office of Professional Development.