SPSS Install

The following instructions are for installing IBM SPSS Statistics version 26. This document is for COC Faculty and students who are installing on their desktop computers for Spring semester 2020.

  1. If you have not done so already, you can download SPSS 26.0 here: SPSS Download

  2. Click on Download:
    Click Download
  3. Click on the file at the bottom left of your browser screen or go to the download location and double click on the file named: “IBM_SPSS_STATISTICS_CLIENT_64-BIT.exe


  4. Select “Yes”
    Select "Yes"

  5. You will be prompted to accept the license agreement for SPSS and the license agreement for Python. Click on “Next”.
    Select "Next"
  6. Once the installations wizard has completed the License Authorization wizard will follow. Click on “Finish”.
    Click "Finish"
  7. Please select the Authorized user license and click "Next"
    Click "Next"